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still waiting for the chromebook for hackers. expandable, 8 cores or more with arm processors, and dual boot with linux. google should understand that without giving hackers a choice, they can't go forward.

Edit: mainly google needs to create a developer and hacker community, of web developers to show a browser is enough to do everything for personal and business.

> google should understand that without giving hackers a choice, they can't go forward.


Chrome runs fine on any Linux box. If you really want ChromiumOS, you can install that too.

ChromeOS is really targeted towards non-hackers who need a zero-admin system.

But in any case, they all have a developer mode which allows you to install other OSes including Linux. My Samsung ARM Chromebook sort-of "dual boots" (there is no interactive boot manager, so to boot to the other side I need to load up the active side and then run a shell script which switches the boot partition), but the system boots up so fast this isn't much of a problem.

It only has 2 cores, though and I don't expect that to be a spec that gets pushed up much in the near future since there are current practical limits on how much more cores will help a browser.

I know Google is targeting non-hackers, and it is good. And that's the point I am elaborating. As an example, I a developer, need a light, fast, powerful laptop with 1650 or more screen width multiple monitor capabilities. I am not important as a target group but I influence hundreds of people around me. Now that I need to change my laptop, I have choices like MacBooks and Ultrabooks. I believe it would take Chrome OS forward quicker, if they offered a low profile powerful samsung chromebook for me..

That's like saying "I'd buy a Toyota if they'd turn it into a Lexus". Chromebooks aren't intended to compete with Macbooks or Ultrabooks.

I develop/Ace-based development IDE+ Firebug/Chrome Dev tools everyday for Ruby/Python/JS development. And for online web developer, who target web development, Chromebooks have the potential to become a web development machine too.

The Toyota/Lexus metaphor is totally pointless. As a developer and proponent of web based IDEs, I believe that a platform needs its developers on itself in the longterm, not on some other platforms.

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