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They are misleading by specifically mentioning 1080p video playback performance when the display has only 768 vertical pixels.

It has video out. Also, the 1080p was mentioned during performance discussion, not screen resolution, so I hardly think it's misleading. The discussion was about video decoding power, which not only can this machine do, but it can do with purpose given the video out.

I for one was mislead - until I saw the comment above. While technically you may be correct, the acid test is whether a normal resonable uninformed person would be misled. This is probably not a community with too many of those - quite the opposite, and in a good way.

They should qualify their statement to indicate this resolution only applies when it is hooked up to a significantly better display. I don't think the anticipated typical use case for a Chromebook is to hook it up to better displays as some sort of media center.

Which x86 machine shipping in recent times has had trouble with 1080p output ?

Netbooks with an Atom CPU. Or at least my one struggles a little.

Not sure. Every computer I own has trouble, though. Maybe I'm just due for a series of upgrades.

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