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These promises are incredibly vague, the most specific thing I saw was in another thread: "Alternative payment features are in the works" (http://www.reddit.com/r/blog/comments/12v8y3/now_is_the_time...).

Does reddit have the manpower to deal with a non-mainstrem payment system like bitcoin?

The manpower to support bitcoin payments is minimal. A single engineer could integrate with a bitcoin payment provider such as Bitpay (or Walletbit or Mt. Gox Merchant) in less than a day. These bitcoin payment providers have APIs that are very similar to Paypal and Google Checkout. After the initial setup, ongoing support would likely be minimal. These payment providers also offer to convert BTC to USD (or many other currencies) at the current market price. So, your company doesn't even have to deal in bitcoins.

Bottom line: if you're already accepting Paypal, accepting Bitcoin as well is easy.

I'm pretty sure the manpower to deal with this would be like... a (reasonably small) fraction of one man.

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