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Joel and his team are awesome. They make a great product and make great decisions when it comes to their customer support. They also do great emails for buffer updates

--------------------------------------- Hi,

I hope all is going well with you! I'm super excited to share the news about a big new Buffer feature. You'll now be able to track analytics in real time for each of your social media posts to know exactly how much impact they have had.

The following analytics are in your account now:

For your Tweets: number of clicks, retweets, mentions, favorites and reach. For your Facebook posts: number of clicks, likes, comments, shares and reach. For your LinkedIn posts: number of clicks, likes, comments and shares. Check out this blog post to get more juicy details about how the new Buffer analytics work.

It'd be awesome get any thoughts you have on the new real-time analytics feature or how you use Buffer in general. Just hit reply to let us know.

- Joel and the Buffer Team

P.S. The whole Buffer team (check out this picture of us! :)) is sitting here and we are waiting eagerly to hear about your thoughts and ideas. We'll be around to answer all your emails for the next few hours. Drop us a line!


My notes:

- from the team - they are sticking around after sending the email to answer requests - New feature description is short and sweet

There is certainly a theme to their emails.

Critics of this style say that lengthy emails are bad, and that their length does not convey extra information.

I would like point out that there is a email writing style for office use and a different one for customers.

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