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TV clearly sucks at the moment.

Why can't I watch any movie ever made at the touch of a button/tablet?

Why can't I watch any series produced in the U.S. (or anywhere) as soon as it's available from U.K. (or any non-US country)?

Why do [in the UK] do Sky & Virgin control much of what you can watch?

Why do I have to manually choose what to watch, shouldn't the TV know what type of thing I like?

I've missed the 5 episodes of a series, why does the next episode only catch me up on one?

and so on.

Not sure about cameras, the main problem with discrete cameras is that it's too hard to upload the photos on the move, but that's changing quite quickly now with WiFi and/or Android cameras. Essentially Apple have a solution to that anyway, which is to just use your iPhone which many are happy with.

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