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It's a trap!

Please avoid memes 'roud these parts.

I get your point, though, but it's rather obvious that they may have been bugged, so just stating it does not contribute much to the conversation.

Had you had some insider info, it would have been useful to share it, but this, not really.

Edit: I thought you were new, but your account is almost 4 years old... Whatever, you should know better.

For what it's worth I didn't read it as a meme. It's not exactly an uncommon phrasing and there's no ackbar head stuck on.

Well, there are certainly reasons to believe it might be an Interpol/FBI trap. :)

A better question is why is this story here at all?

Wow, get off that high horse much?

Didn't you know? HN is serious business.

That was said that the last time Demonoid was down. There was no evidence to support it then, and there's no evidence to support it now.

INTERPOL was involved in taking the site down. That's definitely reason enough to verify it wasn't bugged before hopping back on their tracker, and it doesn't sound like there's evidence that things _weren't_ tampered with, either.

Sure, it's still speculative, but better safe than sorry. I take the default-deny approach for things that are likely to get me sued.

Somehow I think the resources of INTERPOL are not aligned with taking down individual seeders and leechers.

Good point. The article mentions pressure from Interpol as a reason for their outage. Is copyright infringement actually illegal anywhere in EU? I thought it was a civil issue in most countries.

Also, I don't remember any of the previous articles about Demonoid mentioning Interpol. As I recall their hosting company pulled them pulled due to the DDOS attack..

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