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> Just curious to know, as somebody from India. What are leading causes for divorce in the US?

Divorce is a taboo in India. The blog post says it's taboo to talk about in US as well, but it's totally different from not even considering divorce as an option. People endure bad relationships as divorce isn't something on the table for most. Despite all the development, women still aren't empowered enough. Women who are at the receiving ends of an abusive relationship will have to muster a lot of courage to even think about divorce, and then life after divorce will be difficult for them everywhere except for reverse metropolitan ghettos.

As another commenter pointed out, no good marriage ever ended in a divorce(Louis CK).

Gold diggers(I would guess they constitute a very small %; people who attract gold diggers generally do pre-nups), ugly child custody and alimony battles, and high divorce rates are the price of empowerment. Just like people drawing Barack Obama with ape like features is the price of democracy and freedom.

I think in India the problem is that laws are either not used at all, or just abused. Take for example IPC 498a and Domestic violence act. The true victims don't come forward at all, because they fear once the case reaches the police station all chances of reconciliation are ruled out. There fore they try to resolve the situation with as much discussions amidst elders. At the same time, 498a is draconian law in the hands of gold diggers. In fact the supreme court has itself noted to the epic high levels dowry law misuse going on.

Actually dowry law is misused quite a lot in our country and is not a small percentage by any means. And is also contributing to loss in faith in the institute of marriage to a large extent.

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