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Zed has got it twisted. Khan Academy's environment was 'inspired' by Victor's 'Inventing on Principle' talk which encompassed much more than what's discussed here. Resig did not implement Victor's 'Learnable Programming' article, because the article was, in fact, a response to the Khan Academy implementation. I imagine Victor built upon Resig's work to make those little demos in the article. Victor explicitly states JavaScript is a poor educational language, and the demos are just the simplest examples of his principles, by extending the Khan Academy model. [1]

[1] http://worrydream.com/LearnableProgramming/ (the bottom)

I don't think much of Victor's work is built upon Resig's, mostly the other way around.

You aren't following me. 'Learnable Progamming' is 'built on' Khan Academy in that it is a response to it and it works from the JavaScript/Processing environment that Khan Academy put out. There are obviously questionable assumptions being made about it being a good environment in the first place, but it is simply used to make a point. Zed makes some straw man arguments by conflating these concepts.

From what I remember, Bret originally said some things about teaching programming with this visual interactive stuff, resig&khan academy went and actually implemented something, saying that it was inspired by Bret and then Bret wrote his big post saying that what resig & khan academy did wasn't quite what we had in mind.

When I saw the talk I understood it as more of "resig implemented the interactive paradigm" then "resig implemented the things in learnable programming"

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