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This June i jokingly told my fiance "I wish you a great husband" on her birthday. She laughed. I laughed. 2 months later and 1 month before our wedding we separated in the most disgusting, disturbing way possible. The joke was also on me. I was alone and devastated. Then suicidal. Then just hopeless and completely alone. I'm not sure i know how to cope with this. Life as a gigantic lesson, never meant to be completely understood. You have to accept, reflect, move on and hope for the best. I think you've managed to fight at least half of the battle. Very interesting read. I wish you the best. I think you're almost there!

That's pretty recent and sounds like it's still raw. So for what it's worth I wish you the best in getting through it. As a wise man once said, first the shocking truth, then the healing truth.

My experience was close to that. A year and a half on I still sometimes wake up from nightmares about it. But it gets better. My initial response was deeply rational, like me personality type, and I tried to analyse every little thing. The truth, I think, is that in the end, the universe is ambivalent. Life goes on. I have a post it note on my wall which I refer to often: "#1 man rule: I'll be fine". Men need to remember we're men, and we'll be fine. We are tough.

I needed reminding of this, hence the tattoo I got: This Too Shall Pass.

Sounds like a human rule, not just a man rule. Everything always works out. Not necessarily how you'd expect but it does.

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