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nicholasreed makes a good point. Let me make some stuff clear:

- I paid a $500 refundable deposit by mailing them a check they never cashed.

That was legit. A $3,000 deposit is silly though.

- To the best of my knowledge no jobs were found from App Academy's partner companies.

- I don't believe the $83k average salary thing.

That said, Ned is one of the greatest mentors I've ever met, and he's radically changed my life.


Hugo! I never really announced it but I accepted an offer with Twilio to join as a mobile engineer. I only interviewed with partner companies. I was going to mention it when I got back from my trip. I think other people got offers from partner companies as well.

Another App Academy kid here. Like Eddie, I too received and accepted an offer from one of AA's parter companies after I finished the program. I'm an apprentice at Thoughtbot now!

[Edit] - Looks like I had some bad info. Several offers to students were from partner companies.

edskim case in point. He's off to Twilio now.

whoops ;)

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