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The one that I hate more than any other is the "You look great; I'll contact you in a couple days" to then never hear from them again, even after you try multiple follow-ups.

My favorite was the one where I got flown out to the Bay Area for an interview at Apigee[1]. They dropped the ball by not having everybody there to interview me, meaning they couldn't get all the information about me they would have liked[2]. When I left, it was all roses (including a said follow-up comment like above), and then complete and total silence. I get you may not think I'm right for the job, but flying somewhere takes a lot of my own, personal time.

1. I'm naming names for two reasons: one, I, like the author, think it's deplorable. More importantly, if you are going to take a potential employee's time without the courtesy of a simple reply to one of multiple questioning emails by saying, at least, "No, thanks", others deserve to know what to expect as well. I couldn't even get a response on how to get reimbursed for incidental travel costs without tracking down somebody outside of HR.

2. I don't think this had any impact on their decision to ignore me. It didn't even concern me, but, taken with the other events, it points to a lack of respect for candidates.

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