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Man that's a shame.

Me and Jon (the founder) used to be active a forum (Talkfreelance) a few years back alongside a bunch of other talented members. I remember he used to make all these cool little sites, usually for a single idea (I guess similar to a startup but this was maybe before the name was coined). Anyway he would make sure every site was designed to a super high standard and then usually sell them off in the marketplace a few months later.

Then once the forum died down, I saw on Techcrunch that he founded Dailybooth, thought that was pretty awesome for a member from our forum.

Anyway best of luck Jon, I bet you'll be back with another idea soon!

Ahh good old TalkFreelance :).

Jon did a good job, I enjoyed visiting the DailyBooth office. I'm going to miss that on my next trip to SF, but I'm sure he'll be working on something else that's very cool. Same goes for David, Julian & Ryan. Josh, who helped financially in the beginning (also a Talkfreelancer) is now working on MinoMonsters which is proving to be a success. I believe some of them are also working on Lockitron which is doing well so far, presales wise. All in all, a very talented bunch of people & a lot of fun to hang out with.

- Sam Granger (if you're wondering who I am)

I remember you, and I recognize all those names! Pretty crazy where everyone ended up.

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