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Criticism: I'll note that after reading both the README and the copy on the frontpage of qtile.org, I still don't know if this is for X11, Windows or OSX. I assume X11, but it's not really explicit.

[ Note: the screenshots give it away, but you have to click first because the thumbnail screenshot on the front page isn't big enough to tell. ]

That said, it's nice to have a tiling WM in a language I know well. I've fiddled with XMonad in the past, but have a very thin knowledge of Haskell (a few times I've tried to do complex things and muddled my way through using the compiler as my guide).

It mentions XCB in the overview, which gives it away as X11 pretty well (at least it did to me).

I don't think that everyone that knows about/uses X11 knows what XCB is. I didn't off-hand. I knew that there were C bindings for X11, but I didn't know they were referred to as XCB.

Hmm, ok. I guess I hadn't even really considered that this was a mistake people would make. Thanks for the input!

Are there tiling window managers for Windows or Mac?

They are not true window managers, but IIRC there are at least 1 or 2 programs that allow you to do a limited amount of tiling on OSX. I could see someone writing a program for OSX that listened for window events and did resizing, and then calling is a 'tiling WM' since it was modeled after such for X11. Maybe that's just me over-thinking.

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