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Whats to stop malicious git repos changing an alias after you have already added it to your freshrc? I think locking to a specific git ref needs to be top priority.

Absolutely. This is on the road map (https://github.com/freshshell/fresh/issues/11). At the moment running `fresh update` is the only way to update the source repos. I realise this isn't ideal, but we never update repos without you knowing.

Locking to a specific git reference (https://github.com/freshshell/fresh/issues/11) has been implemented. You can now use `--ref` to lock to a particular git reference. `fresh update` will grab the new version.

I like the idea of locking an entry to a git ref, I've created a ticket on the issue tracker: https://github.com/freshshell/fresh/issues/25.

Edit: woops it was already a ticket, closed mine.

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