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You are asking someone to execute a shell script directly from the internet, which is questionable in the first place. And then you're making it much much worse by asking them to do it with a non-https link, meaning that someone can trivially execute a MITM attack.

Your webpage doesn't have any explanation other than a video. I can read a paragraph or two in a couple of seconds--I'm not going to take a minute and a half (and stop listening to the music I'm listening to) to watch a video. The GitHub README doesn't really have any information about what it is either.

I haven't actually tried this, because I have no idea what it is. The other comment in here linked to an example .freshrc file--I noted that every line that's not a comment starts with the string 'fresh ', which seems like an obvious annoyance. Even if you want it to just be a shell script you can execute, you could support a batch mode to do something like this, for example:

    fresh batch <<'BATCH'
    config/vimrc --file
    config/gemrc --file
    config/pryrc --file

Here's the install script (https://raw.github.com/freshshell/fresh/master/install.sh). You can have a read though if you like. I don't know any safer ways to install applications. SSL is a good idea though.

We will add some more info to the home page but we were trying to keep most of the info in the README.

> The GitHub README doesn't really have any information about what it is either.

What else would you like to know?

The batch mode is a good idea, however the way we're doing it is a tried and true method used by many dev tools Bundler, Vundle, etc.

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