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I've always been wary of hitchhiking and hitchhikers for that matter but I've taken a few "chances" recently here in Montreal and I've had great results and stories come of it. It really does cut down on the loneliness of long commutes. It's amazing how you still get strange glances from other passing cars when you pull over and let a hitchhiker in, particularly if she's a woman. We really need to get over this...

A company that graduated the FounderFuel accelerator with us, called "Live Rides" (http://liverides.com) has built an awesome app for Canadians to find/offer rides by adding safety through a social layer. If you're Canadian, check it out and give "hitchhiking" a try, it's really a blast no matter what side you're on.

"Cool", I thought, until I checked it out. "Ah, iOS only, too bad", I said to meself.

There are people who use things other than iOS? Color me surprised.

crooked grin

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