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How to disable the super key overview manually:

Edit /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/main.js

Comment this line:

global.display.connect('overlay-key', Lang.bind(overview, overview.toggle));

Restart gnome-shell with this command:

gnome-shell --replace

It's just Javascript, so it's very easy.

That's an 800+ line, system-wide file under the control of the package manager. Just because it's "easy" to hack it doesn't make it a good option.

I'm sorry, but this is rubbish. You are talking about editing a file in /usr, which means your fix is guaranteed to break at the next upgrade. And this is not "easy". Or at least not "easy" in the sense that Gnome "is not meant for users who don't want to select their terminal emulators". This is neither discoverable nor maintainable.

What's wrong with sane defaults and a configuration panel?

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