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I don't think these product categories can last forever, they've had 3 massively disruptive products since Jobs returned in my view (and many others) iPod, iPhone & iPad.

iPod sold really well, but it peaked in 2008, it's unlikely to explode again. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ipod_sales_per_quarter.svg]

There is clearly strong competition for the iPhone with Android, with Nexus 4 (and others) coming at much cheaper price point it's not clear they can hold the margins they had.

The iPad seems to still be doing well and particularly the mini seems to be well received - but how long is that going to last with the Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire bringing the price expectations down.

Apple really needs another product category - something you can see that Steve Jobs with is background as a entrepreneur, particularly failing at NeXT while away from Apple - was a master of. It's not clear who will lead the new product category, neither Tim Cook or Johnathon Ive are entrepreneurs and it's not something they are likely to learn while at Apple.

Well what product is really burning with suckage and can be really improved? The music player, the smartphone and the tablet were all there and apple approached what it should be. The smart tv? Cameras?

TV clearly sucks at the moment.

Why can't I watch any movie ever made at the touch of a button/tablet?

Why can't I watch any series produced in the U.S. (or anywhere) as soon as it's available from U.K. (or any non-US country)?

Why do [in the UK] do Sky & Virgin control much of what you can watch?

Why do I have to manually choose what to watch, shouldn't the TV know what type of thing I like?

I've missed the 5 episodes of a series, why does the next episode only catch me up on one?

and so on.

Not sure about cameras, the main problem with discrete cameras is that it's too hard to upload the photos on the move, but that's changing quite quickly now with WiFi and/or Android cameras. Essentially Apple have a solution to that anyway, which is to just use your iPhone which many are happy with.

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