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How is security handled for this service?

I have the same question; since http://redis.io/topics/security mentions "it is not a good idea to expose the Redis instance directly to the internet", even with a strong password, are there specific measures to counter-balance this in the RedisToGo setup?

Edit: I've contacted RedisToGo to ask them directly.

We've put in place the best practices advised by Salvatore. http://redis.io/topics/security. `In general, Redis is not optimized for maximum security but for maximum performance and simplicity.`

There are few projects building SSL into Redis https://github.com/tritondigital/ssl-redis; but nothing has been fully adopted by the community yet.

We offer a VPN, SSH and IP restrictions to bolster security. We currently only offer these to our larger plans, but can offer a custom solution depending on your requirements.

- ben@redistogo.com

Hello Ben - thanks for your reply!

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