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Like many others I also gave Gnome Shell a chance to impress, I recently tried 3.6 for a few days... but

1. It is an unacceptable UX to go "I wish I had feature X, but I don't, so lets go google search for a shell extension that provides it" then use the extension affiliation for Chrome / FF to install it. I got way too frustrated after looking for a way to make the super key not take over the whole screen (like Win7 / Unity don't)

2. There is a dire lack of a unsettings / Ubuntu Tweak style configuration editor for Gnome Shell. I don't want to read a book to figure out what my desktop can or can't do in the form of the shell manpages or help pages. I don't want to be forced into having the panel only show up in superkey mode, or to have to scrounge for a setting to enable that behavior, etc

3. I just plain don't like the usage of web technologies as a way to alter the desktop. In general, scripting languages inherently waste memory and cycles in favor of getting something done fast. But when you want a fast responsive desktop maybe the overhead of jaggermonkey (I think that is the JS backend they are using) is just insane.

How to disable the super key overview manually:

Edit /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/main.js

Comment this line:

global.display.connect('overlay-key', Lang.bind(overview, overview.toggle));

Restart gnome-shell with this command:

gnome-shell --replace

It's just Javascript, so it's very easy.

That's an 800+ line, system-wide file under the control of the package manager. Just because it's "easy" to hack it doesn't make it a good option.

I'm sorry, but this is rubbish. You are talking about editing a file in /usr, which means your fix is guaranteed to break at the next upgrade. And this is not "easy". Or at least not "easy" in the sense that Gnome "is not meant for users who don't want to select their terminal emulators". This is neither discoverable nor maintainable.

What's wrong with sane defaults and a configuration panel?

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