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In the blog's comments, Felipe Morales linked this extension : https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/10/windownavigator/, and it's quite good. You can use alt+<Number> to select a window while in 'exploded view'.

Felipe here: I would also recommend another extension that provided window search abilities to the overview, so I could type "hacker news" or "handler.py" and go to the window I needed to, but it doesn't seem to be updated to gnome 3.6. I've been looking at the code and I can't figure out what is wrong with it.

[1]: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/317/window-display/

I rarely use that many windows!

The 'exploded' window view shows windows on current workspace so being able to select one from the keyboard means I can group the windows by task/project in different workspaces.

Oh, you mean perform actions on the windows without leaving the overview? That would be nice.

EDIT: I seem to be have been a bit confused before.

Very nice too, works with GS 3.6 as in Gnome Ubuntu Remix 12.10. Thanks for pointing out the link.

I think some functionality along these lines should be provided by the basic GS though.

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