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Uhh, reading this thread is disappointing.

Windows is not a bad OS, it has it's pluses and minus just like OSX. Sometimes I love my windows box, other times I really like my iMac. To blame the OP's issues on windows is short sited, it's like blaming android for touch wiz or motorblur. These problems are with the 3rd party groups putting shit on top of their products. This is why Mac is doing well. It isn't that the OS is "better," it's just that you have go through 290-38080823 popups when you are trying to check the email on your AOL account.

As others have pointed out, MS needs to step up to the plate and really force vendors to release just a vanilla version of Windows. At the enterprise level this saves time/money. Either that, or send machines without OSes installed allowing the customer to put their own images directly on to the computer. MS is losing customers specifically for this reason. That and their laptops aren't "pretty". If MS followed the android lead (ie: nexus), they might be able to recover some of their customer base.

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