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> There is of course the Alt+Tab switch window

To be more precise, the ALT+Tab works as in Mac (I believe). It switches between windows of the same application. Not between applications themselves. Which I just don't get.

Whenever doing anything I type in Vim in a Terminal, Alt+TAB to another application, and check the output. I am almost never in the same application between an Alt+Tab. It baffles me that this is default behaviour.

There is rapid change in GS at present, and they are still puggling about with application switching.

GS 3.6 as on Gnome Ubuntu Remix, no extensions

Alt-Tab switches between applications, irrespective of how many windows a given application has open.

Alt-' switches between windows of the currently selected application.


In the screen grab above, I've pressed Alt-Tab and reached the terminal window, then pressed Alt-` and am cycling between the two terminals. In practice you keep your thumb on the Alt and the pinky switches between the tab and ` (back-tick is above the tab on UK keyboard, it might be ~ on US keyboard, my memory fails).

You can change the behaviour of the alt+tab via extension. I'm not sure I'm using one, but the first window selected by an alt+tab is the previous one.

Gnome shell breaking Alt+Tab is why I switched to XFCE / KDE and will not be returning until it's restored.

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