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Sure Apple has it's challenges. I'm sure all of us can agree.

However, to me Steve Job's "visionary son" is not Forstall but Ive. Ive embodies the values that Jobs had regarding innovation (not surprisingly he was one of Jobs' best friends and spent the most time with him of all of Apple's executives).

Personally, I think it's possible Ive can be underrated. Sure, people value his hardware design. But can he design software interfaces? Most people would doubt he could. Yet this is the major task Ive is now entrusted with.

I'm not sure if Ive can do software design well, but I wouldn't be against him. I think he's got years of innovation experience and understanding the essence of simplicity and user experience.

I'm hoping Ive can surprise us all, and lead a resurgence in Apple with some killer new devices. I'd love to see him make a watch (or pendant) that connects with your phone but allows you to access key features. Of course there's also the TV we've been waiting for (and the backend services).

I also think Apple could get into household/home devices (ie., the Nest). It could be interesting if Apple bought Nest and expanded into the automated home.

Lastly, this is a far-fetched dream... I'd like Apple to buy Tesla. It would be pocket change for Apple ($3-4 billion market cap, but probably more to buy them). But could open up a decade of huge innovation that Apple pours into cars. Tesla has a great start, and Apple would just get behind them. Imagine iOS integrated in your car. That would be awesome.

I agree with everything but the last bit about Tesla. First, I don't know if Musk wants to sell. Two, I think Tesla has the potential to be a revolutionary company on the scale of Apple or Ford. I think being owned by Apple could stunt that potential.

There's no way Musk wants to sell. Tesla is still his baby and personal goal as much as SpaceX is. I think he'll only be willing to sell both after he's "solved" space travel and electric cars.

I agree than Elon Musk probably doesn't "want" to sell Tesla. But if Apple offers $10 billion and presents a clear vision of how they're going to take Tesla and propel the electric car movement even far beyond what Tesla is thinking... then, I think it might be interesting to Musk. Elon Musk's main goal with Tesla is to expedite the transition of vehicles to electric power, and if Apple somehow can convince him that they have the same goals and can do it at larger scale, it possibly could work. (Just fyi, here's Musk's "strategy" for Tesla in 2006, http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/secret-tesla-motors-master-p... .)

It would be nice if iOS powered the touchscreen in the Tesla S.

I'm convinced that Tony Fadell is merely proving the automatic home market to Tim Cook, but wouldn't mind being back in the fold, maybe even replacing Scott Forstall.

Accidentally down voted. Sorry.

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