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How do you decide that a country wants to be a democracy? There is no easy answer to this as well.

Iraq: A guy you know has a chronic illness and he will suffer more if he doesn't move more instead of just sitting at home. He doesn't think being more active is necessary. Is it proper that you force him to work out every day? (You also make some money if you force him to work out every day)

Mexico: You put dangerous trash in front of your house and the neighbor's kids use it to hurt each other and also throw it at your kids and sometimes hurt them. Is it proper to do something about that?

There is no right or wrong but I believe some things are obviously less wrong or more right than others.

The US didn't make a dime from invading Iraq, it was a huge net loss.

The US taxpayer didn't make a dime. The military industrial complex made a metric shitload.

you have to hope that the benefits of the war would somehow trickle down to the general populous.

Unfortunately this is an example of the broken window fallacy. Sure, lots of people are put to work, but they are destroying real value instead of creating it.

Yes that's what they found out after they invaded.

You could tell people about statistics for rule of law, protection of human rights and economic development in different types of societies -- that is, informed decisions in a secret voting process?

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