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Except, as IBM proves, being disrupted need not be fatal. The certainty that another giant will arise seems obviously to approach 1 over time, but that Apple will die rather than successfully re-invent itself less so.

The Hudson's Bay company was incorporated in 1670, and has been in continuous operation since. It's one of the dominant big-box stores in Canada, moreso since Eatons closed down, and in the U.S. owns Zellers and Home Outfitters. The tech industry seems to have a very dark view of corporate lifespans because of the apparently quick cycle of birth and death, but it's not obvious that it has to be that way, even over centuries.

Useless trivia. The Hudson's Bay company's largest sale ever was the sale of Prince Rupert's Land to Canada.

For Americans, the amount of land sold was larger than the Louisiana Purchase.

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