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At work I create a lot of flowcharts, e.g. http://www.freshfreestuff.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/gli... . I usually use Gliffy or UMLet. The problem is, all of these have drag-and-drop interfaces where you have to use the mouse all the time-and moving back and forth from the mouse to keyboard is painful for me. It also means that making flowcharts takes much longer than necessary-it would be really useful to have sane default keyboard shortcuts like "create a node beneath the currently selected node."

So some method of using, say, Gliffy without having to use the mouse would be awesome.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer and have no idea how interesting this is, I can only speak to how much it would help me.

you should look into graphviz, this article posted a few weeks ago comes to mind: http://robrhinehart.com/?p=119

At first glance that sounds like exactly what I need! I'll definitely take a close look.

Also you can try this for the same purpose — http://yuml.me/


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