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Pure, unadulterated, bullshit. "El Pozolero" worked for Tijuana & Chapo, not the Zetas.

Obviously, the drug problem is a serious matter, but there does seem to be something off about this article. Its style, what you mentioned, and the fact that he referred to the Zetas as "Las Zetas" twice.

Trolling much? "El Pozolero" is not even mentioned in this article.

Or perhaps he is referring to this:

"the Zetas would delight in kidnapping and torturing him for fun, videotaping the snuff, and finally dissolving the poor bastard’s carcass in an oil drum full of acid."

I believe it was "El Pozolero" who was the one notorious for the 'drum full of acid' routine.

I made the mistake of looking up what "El Pozolero" meant -_-

I thought it was Walter White.

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