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Because hemp and coca can not be grown effectively in Canada without expensive greenhouses because of the climate. Also there are already many drug plantations in Central America.

So that explains why Mexico instead of Canada. But I'm not sure what motivated those particular soldiers to go rogue.

True for harder drugs, yes, but not marijuana. Canada (and BC specifically) produces billions of dollars of marijuana per year. It's a fairly well known fact.

That one is easy, the profit per kilo, as a percentage of per capita income, is on average staggeringly higher in Mexico. Higher profits mean more contenders which means more fighting.

>expensive greenhouses

You might want to look into the margins on cocaine production. Either that or the person selling you your greenhouses is ripping you off.

The margin is excellent but do you realize how many plants and leaves goes into making a single key? It would be impossible to keep such greenhouses off the map. And the startup costs would be extremely high, even if the payout was great later on.

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