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This review doesn't reflect (my) daily usage. Hacker News Beta is gorgeous but it's a usability nightmare and none of the post functionality works. Either the UX is broken for it and/or it force closes on a brand new (rom on my) Galaxy Nexus. You lose scroll position going between Activities, you can only view one page, etc.

It's true that I haven't used all of the apps for a long period of time. Hacker News Droid is the one I've been using the most, but sadly it hasn't stayed up to date compared with some of the competition. By the way, I just added Hacker News Android to the comparison. It is really beautiful and functional, and seems like a great choice if you're running ICS or above. It might also be slightly unstable though, and I had to log in before it would load the front page. Still, it's worth a look :)

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