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Also, a question: does anyone know of a really thin brands of USB keys, that isn't any wider than a normal USB stick?

Most USB sticks are fairly fat compared to the connector. This makes for a slight bulge in the stash belt.


its solid as a rock. its exactly the thickness of a USB connector (full size, not half) and fits great on a keychain. It's a bit bigger than the smallest ones you can find but it's good build quality and good speed.

Crucial Gizmo Jr. I keep one in my wallet with all of my most important documents (encrypted of course). It's also made it through a few times in the wash.


I use one of these: http://salestores.com/stores/images/images_747/FCRMRG2.jpg with a 32Gb Class 10 Samsung micro sd card.

Does the "Kingston" part on the left slide over to cover the contacts?

Nope, it's just like that no moving parts.

I've seen ultra-small PNY keys at Best Buy, scarcely larger than the circuit board itself. I think they're called PNY Micro Metal units.

I've got one, and have the same problems with detection. Occasionally it shows up.

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