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Show HN: Stash Belts, for hiding USB keys and SD cards
12 points by graeme 606 days ago | comments
Stashbelts is a physical product startup that aims to make the best moneybelt you can buy.

The product is a regular looking belt with a slot for a USB key, and a zippered compartment in the back that can hold SD cards, documents or cash. I use one as my main belt, no complaints.

A friend of mine started this company after living in Kenya and finding cheap leather and good craftsmanship.

I haven't told my friend yet that I'm submitting this, but I'm sure he'd appreciate feedback on the site and how to market the belts.


graeme 606 days ago | link

Also, a question: does anyone know of a really thin brands of USB keys, that isn't any wider than a normal USB stick?

Most USB sticks are fairly fat compared to the connector. This makes for a slight bulge in the stash belt.


warpspeed 602 days ago | link

Crucial Gizmo Jr. I keep one in my wallet with all of my most important documents (encrypted of course). It's also made it through a few times in the wash.



mcovey 604 days ago | link


its solid as a rock. its exactly the thickness of a USB connector (full size, not half) and fits great on a keychain. It's a bit bigger than the smallest ones you can find but it's good build quality and good speed.


LoneWolf 606 days ago | link

I use one of these: http://salestores.com/stores/images/images_747/FCRMRG2.jpg with a 32Gb Class 10 Samsung micro sd card.


antidoh 606 days ago | link

Does the "Kingston" part on the left slide over to cover the contacts?


LoneWolf 606 days ago | link

Nope, it's just like that no moving parts.


cylinder714 606 days ago | link

I've seen ultra-small PNY keys at Best Buy, scarcely larger than the circuit board itself. I think they're called PNY Micro Metal units.


001sky 606 days ago | link


edit: reviews are spotty


EvanKelly 605 days ago | link

I've got one, and have the same problems with detection. Occasionally it shows up.


webstartupper 605 days ago | link

You may want to reduce the speed of the slider on the homepage. It moves too fast to be able to read the text on the slide comfortably.

Alternately, if you want to keep the current speed, you could reduce the text to just a heading.


lumberjack 605 days ago | link

If you brand it in a visible way it will self depreciate itself very quickly if it is ever a success in the first place.


stevejalim 605 days ago | link

Any chance of more than 4GB?


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