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The article & the associated comment thread have much to recommend them. But let's not glibly assume that "post-rigorous" ==> correct; much of economics can serve as a counterexample to that hypothesis.

I got out of mathematics (despite getting a PhD from a top department) because I felt that if all but a few dozen mathematicians in the world were shot, the progress of mathematics would not be much impeded, and I wasn't sure I would be in that several dozen. I did think I was that good in economics and related disciplines, but in that case there was a question as to what would get listened to. And so I wound up in a non-academic career ...

And before any of that, I got out of physics because it seemed boring. In the mid-1970s, that was a very fortunate decision. Going to grad school in math was somewhat about "Oops, I'm leaving my major, now what? Oh yes, I also finished a math major, and I can probably get into an excellent school and buy some time to decide what to do next ...."

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