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Its hard for Shuttleworth because he has burned millions and millions on Canonical and it is now clear that the company is going to fail. People simply will not pay for linux desktop support and there really is no other model. So all this crap they are doing, it is their death throes and they should be pitied and not mocked.

It is not clear that Canonical is going to fail, just that their support model for making desktop linux profitable failed. We are seeing them change their profit model with the Amazon links in unity, and their attempt to get into the android/desktop linux hybrid market. It remains to be seen how these play out.

"People simply will not pay for linux desktop support and there really is no other model"

RHEL need no competitors at all then?

RHEL is a server product, I guess I don't follow your comment. Do they even sell desktop support?

If you are suggesting Ubuntu should focus on the server market - well they have put a lot into that too but they cannot get the market share required to sustain their business from that. RHEL is far too entrenched.

RedHat quit the desktop market years ago exactly because they found it to be unprofitable.


Red Hat seem to be selling a Desktop support package still, but minus the support! I assume this is a cost for the installer and updates.

I've donated the sterling equivalent of $49 to Ubuntu, and would do that on a yearly basis if it meant a cruft free system.

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