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I'll have to wait to see actual reviews of it, but on the surface it looks like they've addressed all but one of the major deficiencies of its predecessor. A very respectable feature set, at this price point.

The last point which needs to be resolved: production volume! At one lakh (100,000) units, that's enough to put tablets into the hands of less than .01% of India's population. Hardly a game-changer. The Indian electronics industry won't truly be mature until it starts thinking in multiples of crore (10,000,000).

No industry will start thinking in multiples of Crores if they don't start somewhere.

(1 cr = 10 million)

However, right now, the gp comment just finds them "lahking."

Shouldn't that be 'lakhing' ? :)

Whoops. Heard the word used by friends in grad school, but I'm not familiar with the spelling my spell checker didn't like which is actually correct.

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