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Well its more bs than just getting charged for getting a text. You basically get 2 choices: * pay per text (which is totally lame I agree) * pay ~$20/mo for unlimited

Most people just opt for the latter because if you ever send more texts a month than $20 it "pays" off in the end.

Both options suck, the phone companies not being able to gouge for texts is no love lost in my opinion.

The third option is to cancel your text plan, which I have done. If my friends send me a text, it disappears into the ether (no error message). I'm trying to get folks used to contacting me through any other means (email, fb, g+, gchat, call me...maybe?).

True, I don't consider that much of an option personally as I rather prefer texts to the rest. But thats just like, my opinion man.

How has dropping texting entirely worked out? I've often wondered what the impact would be myself. Not that I have the balls to do it.

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