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I interviewed with a very well known company in these circles. I was delighted as they are known for paying attention to the everyday aspects of running a business & being open about it. (It was actually my 2nd time applying & interviewing with them. I didn't hear back that time either, having had a Skype interviewed with the founders).

However, I was more than disappointed that after two interviews with staff members, personality test and contact from the CEO that I was in the final shortlist - a month long process - I never heard back again. The only way I knew I hadn't been hired was once the new hire was announced on the company blog.

Between the creative application they'd asked for, interviews & tests, I'd put in a couple of full days of work. Being rejected would have been fine, understandable, but never letting me know was disrespectful & goes against the culture they project.

A few weeks later, the same company advertised the exact same position again on their blog, as I believe they wanted even more coverage than the first person they hired. I decided not to apply that time.

All in all, a simple 2 line email thanking me for the effort and letting me know would have sufficed. Over a month of waiting for an email to drop was painful.

What company was that?

I won't say because the point to me is not to out the company. All I would like is that any reader who has been in a position to hire takes heed of what people go through.

Lots of well-known companies on HN and around suggest a lot of how-to advice and ways for doing business, but my personal sour experience suggests they don't practice what they preach.

If someone reads this and suspects it may be their company, all the better. Do something about it.

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