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alister 525 days ago | link | parent

> Comodo firewall subscribed me to something called GeekBuddy, Adobe Reader trying to install McAfee, QuickTime trying to sign me up for offers

Perhaps what we need is a meta-installer that runs standard installers but ticks check boxes and sets or clears options that tell the app to not install adware/toolbars/plug-ins, maximizes the privacy settings, turns off auto-update, etc.

Whenever I install something, I already make notes about what I ticked/set/cleared so I can do it quickly the next time I need to install the same thing. Notes like this in an appropriate format--from thousands of users--can serve as the config file for the meta-installer.

Since the meta-installer would run the applications' own installers, there shouldn't be objections from commercial vendors since it wouldn't be repackaging their products.

radiowave 525 days ago | link

To a large extent, what you're asking for already exists, and is free for personal use. I've no affiliation; you may want to check out ninite.com


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