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While I applaud any move to bring more payment options in Europe this is really still very german focused and appears only half baked. The English documentation is interesting with lots of muddled terminology and when you start the application process bit's of it are still in german in places. The site also seems to lack error and confirm messages (wondering if this is simply not translated)

For those in the UK jumping for joy at a Stripe like payment gateway there is a bit of a gotcha it only supports Euros.

Also there is no details about who is actually processing the payments and several interesting and dubious (but again could simply be translation problems) statements about PCI compliance on the site which could make due diligence interesting.

Something to watch, but for UK merchants I suspect it may be a lot of work to get going so not quite the frictionless option people are holding out for. Be interesting to hear from a German companies perspective to see if similar issues exist on the paymill.de site?

I'm very sorry for the translation problems. We are working to solve these, but we would appreciate if you could send us an email on support@paymill.com if you find something wrong or ambiguous.

But a small correction: we support the local currency of your company. If you are based in the UK, you'll be able to accept GBP. If you need support for other European currencies, you can contact us and we can certainly look into it.

About the PCI compliance: you don't have to be PCI compliant, for one reason: the payment data never reaches your server. Our javascript bridge solution takes care of sending the data directly to our payment servers (which are PCI compliant), so you don't have to be.

I'm not sure what you mean by not being frictionless for UK companies. Is this about the points above? If not, please do let us know what your concerns are :-)


PCI Compliance is about a business not a process being compliant, while your solution reduces the scope of compliance it does not mean the business can just ignore its responsibilities. They still have to go through the motions just the emphasis is on you rather then the business. Which means your own documentation should be clear on what process are compliant, who did your assessment etc. So this can be then used for your merchants when doing their own assessments.

You may wish to change some of your terminology to match the rest of the industry a "reclaim" for instance I assume you mean a chargeback. You also mix the terms reclaim and refund in several places. Assuming you meant chargeback then a chargeback and a refund are two very separate things.

Also as pointed out the FAQ states only Euros are supported, I'm glad to hear that GBP is also supported I shall have another play in a bit. But how then is currency conversion reconciled?

Ultimately the site is littered with mistakes (mostly I'm sure due translation) and these reflect an image of service that's not quite finished.


From the en-gb FAQ: "Which currencies does Paymill accept? Currently, we can only accept €. However we are very hard working to being able to offer you more currencies shortly."

So which is it?


Hi gmac,

this is sadly a historic relief from our German site from our first version of our site, we're gonna fix it tomorrow. Thanks for the hint!

However, we offer domestic currencies, but also USD/EUR if you want to. Just contact us at support@paymill.com, and we can get things done.


I'm based in Europe and do pricing in USD because that's where my customers are. Is your originating currency rule a hard and fast one?


Hi Kudos,

just write us a mail to support@paymill.com. It's possible having USD as currency with our service as well, we just have to change our FAQs tomorrow. ;)


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