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Can I use PayMill to except payments from clients in the EU if I'm a US-based business?

Your company needs to be registered in one of the countries we support. Other than that, payments can come from any country.

I see you mentioning 'Israel' in your terms of use, but can't select Israel in your countries interface. Can I use PayMill as an Israeli company? Thanks.

Yes. It's missing in the language switcher because of a technical problem, but you can find Israel on the activation form.

Will you support Romania as well?

You can use Stripe for that.

Not if you want to receive in euros.

Correct. I don't want Stripe to do the conversion. We want to receive dollars from US customers, and Euros from EU customers.

I started a reply here simply to comment that Stripe doesn't do currency conversion, they just charge in USD.

But I double-checked their FAQ and couldn't verify that, actually... I can't find details on how they manage the actual charge to foreign cards.

It's an important issue, because if they just charge in USD, holders of foreign cards will presumably see a "foreign transaction fee" in their statement, which discourages future purchases.

If they are able to charge the card in its own currency and avoid the fees, that means they're doing the conversion themselves, and setting the rate.

I still suspect it's the former solution, but I'll have to ask about that....

Shouldn't be too hard to create a script that sends a Stripe form to US customers (either based on country selection or just IP) and a Paymill form to EU customers.

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