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This is major news for startups in Europe. Major news.

The only issue I have is that the activation process seems like any other merchant account application. It will be interesting to hear from people who are rejected in the activation process to see how 'frictionless' these guys really are!

Sorry to hear that, but the activation process is unfortunately needed. That said, you can still start right away integrating our solution into your app. If you decide to indeed use our solution, you can just ask for the activation and in about 2 business days you'll be able to accept "live" payments.

That's awesome, just cool to know why the activation is needed and how long it will take.

I'm stoked to have you guys launched and I'm sure many other developers are also.

I wonder why they require you to "apply" for a merchant account, when Stripe just lets you get started ASAP.

This is nothing but good news, anything that makes accepting payments easier is a god send. If Stripe were gone tomorrow, how more difficult would our lives be?

I thought that, perhaps it's just to remain compliant on their side. Maybe it's the reason they've been able to ship despite the fact Stripe haven't.

Then again those Samwer brothers aren't short for cash.

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