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This is one of the reasons I like running Linux, although this is really mainly a feature of having a smaller userbase and being mainly OSS so it is less of a target for this BS.

The only alternative for the mainstream seems to be the sandboxed type approach of iOS/WinRT. Oh, some developers abuse browser toolbars? No browser toolbars period! Background processes can make your system slower? No background processes period! Software from random websites can be viruses? Buy all of your software from us!

Yeah, as a Linux user this article was just a list of reasons not to go back to Windows.

It does seem ironic that the product you pay for is far more anti-consumer than the free (in both senses) alternative. But I don't think that fact can be denied.

It is inherently anti-consumer by being non-free software. Honestly, the FSF did call this crap, for all those who call them insane. They are insane, but they are sensibly insane.

Just wait until OEMs start shipping their own distributions...

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