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I dare to say Xavier Niel has brought enough innovation with Free which is more than just another ISP. They came in with a low price, disrupting the market, because they pioneered cost-savings everywhere. For their broadband service, they even designed their modem/set-top box themselves, and built a lot of internal systems that other ISPs outsourced. Their service is very geek friendly, and as a consequence is a geek favourite. Now they're disrupting mobile service, even if it's not going as smoothly as desired, they forced all the other network operators to offer lower prices.

I find it interesting they have a very entrepreneurial YAGNI and fake-it-till-you-make-it swagger. They really do a lot with very few resources.

Yes! Free is a fantastic, innovative company that is actually bringing positive change to their landscape. A company like Free in the US would be like a fountain of icy water in hell.

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