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OK, admittedly the fact that I stick to Google Nexus and Apple brand kind of makes me oblivious to the existence of all that crapware. But as far as I can tell, some people actually like what HTC and Samsung are doing with their Android.

The customizations that people like on android phones are usually the skins - touchwiz on htc phones and sense on samsung's. Many fewer people use/like the Verizon-specific app store or V-cast or whatever their proprietary video service is called these days, which are more directly equivalent to the crapware referred to in the article.

Every time I try to launch the turn-by-turn GPS on my Verizon Droid2, I get prompted to use vanilla Navigator or some Verizon crapware. Checking the box to make one the default does nothing. This is absurd.

Go on then, tell me how I can uninstall Facebook and Google Goggles from my Nexus One?

(Slightly tongue-in-cheek - my Nexus One is nothing like as bad as my Galaxy Tab for crapware that comes pre-installed.

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