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It seems curateddaily is promoting buying stuff. It's a common thing to do, but not necessarily a good thing to do if you start something new. I value the world of less stuff, of lagging behind with new stuff, of giving attention to people and suffering, in stead of to shiny stuff and "ineedthat". The visual and interaction design are really good, though. I challenge you to come up with another sideproject that combines the best of both worlds.

Well said. It does indeed promote buying, but only of products that are well designed (both in form and function), products that hopefully delight their purchasers and make their lifes a little easier.

There's something to be said for both sides, although giving attention to people and suffering is more important. I will definitely try to do more of both in another sideproject.

Man, what you said is a breath of fresh air. Nicely stated.

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