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The problem isn't the process of installing. It's the damned trip line installs along the way. If you install Adobe Reader, it shouldn't install McAfee for you. If I install your software, you don't have the right to install browser plugins. In terms of installers, Windows has developed a culture of malware that really needs to go.

Adobe pulls this maneuver on OS X as well. Other Mac apps will try to sneak in some global software for cool effects; I've had Growl installed three of four times without my consent. Obviously the Windows installers were worse on average, but I think OS X would have gone that direction if not for sandboxing. If sandboxing hadn't turned out to be awful I would upgrade. The idea is really good for users, but their implementation is lacking.

Don't install insecure crapware like Adobe Reader. Chrome has an internal pdf reader. I've personally also got Evince installed.

Likewise. I've managed to learn through the misfortune of others. That said the way we find these things out is through the misfortune of others or ourselves.

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