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Product Evangelist exclusively for US schools at HackerRank (Mountain View)
on Nov 10, 2012 | hide
Every hacker has a type of challenge presented in a certain level of difficulty that really intrigues him/her. We're working to build the largest and the most engaging community of hackers.

HackerRank club Every school should have a HackerRank club where we'll host hackathons, programming contests, lectures by eminent hackers, etc. I think only Apple and to an extent Google/Microsoft have been able to create and leverage their presence in the form of clubs. We want to be right up there.

We'll have budget for you to distribute some swag and prizes to the coding contests but there's a bigger picture in play. This is not really a recruitment tool but HackerRank will be a symbol of pride and a tool to learn.

<Job Responsibilities>

-- Create a HackerRank club across all schools in US

-- Conduct frequent editions of HackerGames (games.hackerrank.com), stanvscal and any other fun event you can think of

-- Be on top of a well-connected network of hackers and the ability to manage them.

-- Interact with academia/PhD’s in different areas of Computer science to source interesting challenges

-- Conduct hackathons and organize intra/inter-company contests (Eg: harman.hackerrank.com)

<Skills and Experience you Possess>

-- Hustling ability

-- Great communication (and convincing) skills

-- Basic knowledge of Computer Science

-- Ability to interact with engineers and have a rough idea of how things work. For eg: fixing a bug in IE might take twice the time to build a feature.

If this sounds interesting e-mail us at hackers [at] hackerrank.com with the biggest hack you've done (can be anything you did to get around something) and the biggest failure you've faced till now. Let's talk.

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