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Hey, I downvoted you because of fat fingers and a tablet. I hope someone else will upvote by way of undo, as that is what I intended.

I've been through the same experience. Not once, twice.

On both occasions I resigned the instant I discovered the discrepancy. On both occasions the reaction by the companies was to suddenly offer a wage correction. But the disrespect had already been shown in my opinion.

I'm in favour of transparency now. I'm also in favour of clearly understood titles/levels, with knowledge of how to progress and what it means to be at a level (not a hierarchy, but a personal learning progression).

Whether or not this works for non-engineering roles I've yet to find out.

No biggie. :) I absolutely agree with you. It is a matter of disrespect. When you're promoted you'd better expect same salary as those at your level. Benefits can accumulate with seniority, but salary should be equal for everyone.

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