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It looks very nice, and I quite like the layout, but the main thing I would fix first is to provide product descriptions.

Type of description can range from "Woot-hilarious" to "Uncrate-minimal", but SOME kind of text to describe why that particular object was curated, and perhaps why it was chosen against some competitors would be great.

It's a similar idea to Uncrate (though they do more than one thing daily), but I'd look around at their site to see what you do and don't like.

Thanks! You are right, I should add some kind of description. A title and an image don't quite cut it when trying to give a good impression of the product. And more importantly for this kind of site, explain why the product has been curated.

Uncrate is a great site. I'm trying to differentiate by keeping it to one product a day. I hope I can keep the quality of products that I curate high that way. I'll also try to keep it at products that are more or less affordable.

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