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I saw this in another submission last night... Is this for real? For some reason the only location information I was able to locate on their website was "the intersection between I-94 and US-127". A bit of googling leads me to Jackson, Michigan. Wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson,_Michigan . Which apparently is also known by such charming nicknames like The Rose City, Prison City, and Jack Town. Also, why a dome instead of a more traditional structure - just for the 'lulz' ? Or is there some economical/environmental advantage to dome structures?

It sounds like a cool idea - though the pure Mac lab kinda sucks, why not Windows and Linux machines as well? Can anyone provide any more info about this place?

This is in Michigan, a pretty good place in terms of cost,

Go to Grand Rapids, Mi and you can get a membership at theworkfactory.com for 24/7 office space for $275 a month, rent a NICE loft apartment a block away for $1000 a month www.616lofts.com or live in a basic place for $500 a month, while being across the street from the 3rd best beer bar in the world hopcat.com

The state also has some big incentives for raising capital, mostly because the current gov is a former VC. . For a seedround under $1mm, they'll do a $250k convertable note http://www.michiganadvantage.org/E-and-I-Access-to-Capital/

IF you raise over $700k there is a 50% match up to $500k. http://www.michiganadvantage.org/Pure-Michigan-Venture-Match...

There is more, but they REALLY want startups in the state and costs are very low here in town. You can BUY an office building for the yearly cost (or less) to rent in SV or NYC.

Michigan is doing a lot for entrepreneurs, especially in Detroit. Dan Gilbert of Quicken is going above and beyond to join the effort. With the likes of DVP, and Bizdom, Detroit is quickly becoming a tech industry.

Michigan is great because you have Detroit and Chicago in close proximity. Detroit was once a great city, the state has an extraordinary history. Because of the depression in Detroit it has caused property to go down to pennies on the dollar. We now have Chicago as tech area and Detroit is heading in that directon. Michigan is great for agriculture because of all the tillable land and for tourism because its a pretty great place to do outdoorsy things like hiking, snow mobiling, water sports, etc. It has all 4 seasons so there is a lot to see and do. Michigan's Governor is a venture capitalist and former tech CEO.

It is in Jackson, Michigan. Its not actually a dome shape, it's a flat ceiling. The reason for the Mac lab is because of the Apple ecosystem in general. People are more than welcome to bring their own computers. This is definately real, I'm living here. People live here but we are in a transition from hotel to Project Inspire Us.

We are taking reservations for December 1st move ins.

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